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Data Center   Infrastructure Cabling
Data Center Implementations   Infrastructure Cabling

Data Center is a specialized facility for housing a large number of servers, storage devices, networking equipment and communications links safely and securely. The datacenter facility serves as a centralized operations center for processing, storage, and communications. A data center offers a secure environment which minimizes the chances of a security breach and therefore keeps high standards for assuring the integrity and functionality of its hosted computer environment.

-      Equipment Installation

-      Cabling Design


Provide infrastructure cabling of the highest quality, to ensure that your networks run at full wire speed and maintains the highest possible availability. Our experienced and dedicated team 'end to end' service from design to implementation.

-      Data.

-      Fiber Optic.

VoIP   Raised Floor System
VoIP   Raised Floor System

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a quality service which allows you to use the internet for telephone calls, lower your overheads and improve customer relations.

-      Cost Savings.
-      Flexibility.
-      Unlimited Calling.
-      Keep your phone numbers even if you are moving office.

Raised floor system composed of modular panels placed on special supports adjustable in height. This system allows for the creation, underneath the floor, of a plenum that can be used for the cables and pipes to pass through.

Our product Lindner from Germany.
services   CCTV
 Professional Services   Surveillance & Security

Project Management

IT project management is a sub-discipline of project management in which information technology projects are planned, monitored and controlled.

Maintenance Contracts:

-      Full technical coverage during maintenance contract.
-      Provide maintenance and support on site in the critical cases be  
       transferred to the maintenance center.
-      Provision of standby service units.
-      Monthly visits during the maintenance contract.

The principles of security are to deter, detect, delay and respond to criminal and anti-social behaviour. CCTV is a highly effective technology which contributes to the deter and detect objectives of the security function. The technological developments in this area are occurring at an astonishing rate and the capabilities of CCTV are escalating significantly. A typical CCTV system consists of the cameras, the signal transmission medium, the monitoring station and the recording capability. Each of these components is important and the way in which they are integrated influences the overall effectiveness of the CCTV system. Among the most basic of security concepts are access control and intrusion detection solutions. Working with comprehensive integrated solution, ensures the integrity of three core elements of IT security; identification, authentication, and authorization. 


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